Koyo Gives Back - Our Charity Activities 2023


Koyo Kaiun Asia Pte Ltd is committed to contributing positively to the communities we serve. Our gratitude for our successes inspires us to donate to charitable causes, seeing it as our duty to support the communities that have supported us. Our goal is to assist individuals who are facing challenges such as hunger, illness, natural disasters, poverty, homelessness, or shortages in water and medical resources.

In 2023, we are delighted to share that we have made a contribution of S$20,000 to each of five different charities.

1) Down Syndrome Association -


1 in every 1,000 babies are born with Down syndrome worldwide. Down Syndrome Association Singapore is committed to providing holistic support for beneficiaries and their families.
The objectives of the Association are:

- To enable persons with Down syndrome to attain their full potential;
- To provide support and information to families of persons with Down syndrome;
- To educate the public in all aspects of Down syndrome;
- To work towards providing better opportunities for persons with Down syndrome so that they can have a better and secured future, working with other agencies where appropriate;
- To provide and promote an advisory service about all aspects of Down syndrome;
- To assemble and disseminate relevant information on all aspects of Down syndrome;
- To initiate and support projects for the direct benefit of persons with Down syndrome;
- To promote independence and self-advocacy in persons with Down syndrome and to provide assistance when necessary;
- To promote, encourage and participate in
 - research into all aspects of Down syndrome;
 - the publication of the results of all relevant research, and;
 - the dissemination, and where appropriate, the application of the resulting knowledge; and
- To carry out all other activities in furthering and enhancing the welfare of persons with Down syndrome.

Care for the Elderly Foundation (Singapore)


CEF's mission is to help older people age well at home by supporting them with quality health and social care programmes.

Programmes include:

- Provides intensive primary health care services to frail home-bound patients with long-term or advanced illnesses.
- Targeted at the frail and home-bound elderly that require supervision and/or assistance with their Activities of Daily Living such as bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, transferring, walking/moving around.

3) Touch Community Services


TOUCH is reaching out to low-income with difficulties : -

- the needs of children from disadvantaged backgrounds
- youths at-risk
- families in need
- people with special and healthcare needs
- the elderly

4) The KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital – “Premmies Fund”


Premmies sub-fund helps premature patients (babies) with expenses like homecare consumables and homecare equipment. Some examples of consumables are feeding bags, nasal masks, humidifier connection tubes while some examples of homecare equipment are humidifiers, suction machines, and oxygen concentrators.

5) The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund


The Straits Times School Pocket Money fund (TSTSPMF) works with the Ministry of Education, mainstream and special needs schools, youth centres, family service centres and children's homes in disbursing the funds to students from low-income families. TSTSPMF helps these children and youths in their social and educational development, buy meals in schools, pay for transport or use it to meet other schooling needs which in turn allow these students to focus better in school and worry less about where their next meal is going to come from.