Privacy Policy

1.Collection of Personal Information

We will collect personal information from customers under the applicable lows and fairness procedure.

2.The use and purpose of use of personal information

We, including our subsidiary companies, will use the personal information only for contacting to the customer and arranging a service which the customer requested to us.
Also we may use the information for providing a more improved services to customers.

3.Providing information to the 3rd party

We will not provide the personal information collected from the customers to 3rd party without the prior agreement with the customers except required under the applicable laws or recognized to provide to our subsidiary companies.

4.Management of Personal Information

We will carefully manage the personal information. Also we will take appropriate security measures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of the personal information.

5.Compliance for laws and norms concerning personal information

We will carry out, maintain and continuously improve the above items to implement the privacy policy with ensuring the laws and norms concerning personal information are widely disseminated in our organization.

6.Disclosing, amending, stop using and elimination of the personal information

We will provide our swift action to customers when they request us to disclose, amend, delete and stop using of their personal information if the customer is having the right was confirmed.
If you have any inquiries, please contact to our PIC of General Affairs.

Issued: November 1, 2017
Koyo Kaiun Co., Ltd.
President Fujio Sekiguchi