Acetic Acid

[Raw Material] - Methanol, Acetaldehyde
[Finished Product] - Cigarette filter, Luxury women’s clothing

The main use for Acetic acid is in the production of PTA and Vinyl acetate monomer. Vinyl acetate monomer is used as a raw material for synthetic resins, and in this way many different synthetic resins are produced.

Cigarette filter
Most cigarette filters are acetate filters, primarily acetyl cellulose (which is a synthetic resins) and are made from acetate fibers.
Dissolving acetyl cellulose with acetone, a chemical which our vessels commonly carry, is used to create acetate fibers after many processes.
Acetate fibers will not change the flavor of cigarettes even after heating, so it is used now commonly used in producing cigarette filters.

Luxury women’s clothing
Acetate fiber is mainly made from wood pulp, and it is produced by reacting vertical fiber and acetic acid. The product looks similar to silk with drape and shine.
It is a semi-synthetic fibers which contain both natural and synthetic fibers that are used in especially in producing luxury women’s clothing.

Acetic Acid