[Raw Material] - Cumene
[Finished Product] - Phenol resin

Phenol is an organic compound that has a paint-like smell. Phenol and formaldehyde are raw materials used to make phenol resin.
Phenol resin is heat resistant, flameproof and provides good electrical insulation.
It is frequently used in automobile parts, clocks, phones, and kitchen supplies that are used in our everyday life.

Phenol Resin

Firction material use
Used for Disc pads、brake linings、clutch facings.

Polish use
Used for sand cloth/paper, bonded polish material (for polishing metal and wood).

Polish use

Grind stone use
It is used as an industrial tool for cutting metal, wood and rocks.

Grind stone use

Thermal insulator use
Phenol resin is used to make thermal insulators, used in conventional homes.

Thermal insulator use

The freezing point of phenol is higher than most other chemicals. Therefore, we need to maintain the cargo temperature of phenol between 50-55 degrees Celsius during the voyage by means of heating coils that are equipped in each of the cargo tanks.