Caustic Soda

[Raw Material] - Salt, Ethylene
[Finished Product] - Neutralizers, High Purity Aluminums, Soaps

Caustic Soda is purified by a method called the electrolytic method.
In the electrolytic method sodium water is decomposed by employing electric current and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) and chlorine and hydrogen is then extracted (the extracted chloride will be a raw material for EDC).

There are three types of electrolytic method: Ion-exchange membrane method, diaphragm method and mercury method.
Most caustic soda around the world is produced using the ion-exchange membrane method.

To neutralize an acid liquid an alkaline liquid is required.
Caustic soda is an alkaline liquid, so it is used for neutralizing acid liquid such as industrial wastes.


Caustic soda is also used to extract alumina, a raw material for aluminum, from bauxite and is also used to make soap and for other industrial purposes.