[Raw Material] - Corn, Sugarcane
[Finished Product] - Alcohol, Miso, Sweet cooking rice wine, Soy sauce, Cosmetics, Medical goods, Detergent, Paint

Ethanol has the below characteristics.
- Drinkable and an intoxicant
- Reacts with many materials
- Dissolves many materials
- Has disinfectant effects
- Can be used as a fragrant
- Has volatility
- Has burning quality

Ethanol is divided into two categories due to the differences in their base ingredients.
Fermentative alcohol: Made from farm crops such as molasses.
It is the main ingredient in alcoholic beverages. It also has industrial uses.

Usage of two type of alcohol

Fermentative alcohol
Fermentative alcohol is mainly used for alcoholic beverages and also in food preservatives, miso, sweet cooking rice wine, soy sauce, vinegar.

Fermentative alcohol
Fermentative alcohol
Fermentative alcohol

The fermentative alcohol made from sugar cane and corn are also used as bioethanol.
This bioethanol is mixed with gasoline for fuel use.


Synthetic alcohol
Synthetic Alcohol made from ethylene and is mainly used for industrial purposes.
It has many characteristics so it is used in many products:
- Beauty products (perfume, lotion, hair tonic, shampoo)
- Detergent (kitchen detergent)
- Medical products (vitamins, supplements, antibiotics, disinfectants, anesthetics)
- Paint (synthetic resin paint, paint thinner, rust retardant)
- Others (solvent, methyl ester, heavy chemicals, photo films, ink, paints, glues)

Synthetic alcohol
Synthetic alcohol