Sulfuric Acid

[Raw Material] - Sulfur dioxide
[Finished Product] - Battery liquid, fertilizer, gunpowder, pharmaceuticals, electrolytic refining of copper

Sulfuric acid is used in making lead acid batteries, primarily for automobiles including electric cars.
Automobile batteries are constituted by the chemical reaction of a plus pole, a minus pole, a nd battery liquid which can take direct current electrical energy and can also store the energy if received from the outside.

Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid is also used as materials for potassium sulfate which is used in fertilizers. Potassium sulfate is a colorless crystal made by heating potassium chloride and sulfuric acid.

Characteristic of potassium sulfate
1. It is soluble in water and will be quickly absorbed when used.
2. It can be mixed with chemicals and blended fertilizer (Including fermented organic fertilizer).
3. Maintain vigor, promote healthy development and recovery of produce.
4. Promote absorption of phosphoric acid and increase sugar content.
5. Increase chlorophyll and activate photosynthesis.

Sulfuric Acid is a very corrosive cargo. Therefore, stainless steel cargo tanks are required.