Styrene Monomer (SM)

[Raw materials] – Ethyl Benzene
[Finished products] – Styrofoam, fishing rods, ABS resin, paint (styrene butadiene latex)

Styrene monomer is the raw material for ABS resin which is the representative of thermoplastic resin and is made from Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene. The nature for ABS resin is sturdy and strong against impact and tension.
It is also both heat and cold resistant and chemical resistant as well. With this nature it is ideal material for fishing rods.

Styrene Monomer(SM)

In addition, styrene monomer is used in the production of polystyrene which is a plastic resin. Polystyrene is made by polymerization of styrene monomer. The characteristics of polystyrene are that it has good transparency, it is resistant to strong impacts, easy to form into shapes, it does not conduct electricity, has no smell, and is easy to recycle.
It is used in such products as CD cases, food containers, fish boxes, food trays, noodle containers and is a core material of tatami.

Styrene Monomer(SM)
Styrene Monomer(SM)

Styrene monomer is also used during the process of making paint. Synthetic resins called Styrene butadiene latex are produced using styrene monomer.
By adding coloring, it will become paint.

Styrene Monomer(SM)